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UK Crossfire Owners pre- Christmas Weekender

Pre Christmas weekender.jpg

Gill Perry from the UK Crossfire Owners group is organising this event which is always well attended and has give us an invitation to join them this year. I know that a few of us are planning to. If you are interested please let us know asap so we can let Gill have the numbers.

Here are the details.

December 9-10th.

Premier Inn
Northampton West (Harpole)
Harpole Turn
Weedon Road

This is a PACCO event (past and current Crossfire Owners).
If you would like to join us for a weekend of fun and festivity just book your own room and then let me know. Rooms are currently £29.50 !!! But be quick this price won’t last for ever!

It will be our usual UK Crossfire Owners weekender format :

Meet for dinner in the adjacent Beefeater ( I will reserve a table nearer the time when I have a better idea of numbers)

Drive out through the unexplored (!)Northamptonshire countryside, with a planned coffee stop.
Sunday lunch in a country pub ( again I will book nearer the time).
After lunch make your own way home

You do not have to do the whole weekend – if you just want to join us for the Saturday Dinner or just for the Sunday Drive Out or just the Sunday Lunch you are very welcome to do so

This is always a great weekend !! Book your room now !!!

Any questions just ask



British Crossfire Coast to Coast Tour 2017

What a fantastic couple of days, All I have done is drive, eat and laugh. The 2017 Coast to Coast was fantastic from start to finish.

I think everyone met and made some new friends or met up with some who they have known for ages and it was great to catch up.

Friday afternoon on our motorway system is always a challenge and add that to the effort needed to get away from the office it can become a nightmare very easily.

Take myself and Ann, She likes to be organised so I had all the rally plates and stickers delivered a couple of weeks before we needed them. You can imaging my delight when I couldn’t find the cable ties half an hour before we had to leave. She sat in the car while I searched for them. I didn’t find them and had to buy some more on the way through to the hotel. On returning home tonight I forgot about the mess I had made in my haste, It looked like we had been burgled, so I am in the dog house again.

After meeting at the Midland Hotel we decided on a meal at Frankie and Bennies would fit the bill and very nice it was too, we almost had the place to ourselves so it was like a private party. I must say that my shirts have become very tight around the midriff after this weekend.


Friday Night in Frankie and Bennies

After an early start sorting things Karl and myself kept a watchful eye on the weather which was looking very dubious at 6.30 but over breakfast our luck changed and a speck of blue sky appeared.


Scrambled Eggs and Smoked Salmon (and very nice it was too)

So 9.30 and the start of our road trip starts. All leaving in one minute intervals.

Number 01Number 02Number 03Number 04Number 05Number 06Number 07Number 08Number 09Number 18

First stop of the Day was The Shap Wells Hotel a great place with lashings of Coffee and cake and chance to get some photographs

If I didn’t manage to catch you for a photograph I do appologise and will do better next year. I did manage to get some people leaving though.

Griff andKarl and Tracy LeavingMick and Dawn LeavingMike and Jo Ramsey LeavingNumber 09 Leaving

After a spirited drive over the top for our next comfort break was in Leyburn at The Friars Head at Akebar Park for  spot of lunch. The smile on the faces of people arriving was great to see, in particular Mo Perry who had a spirited drive over the tops with sightings of Deer and Grouse.


The final stop was at Saltburn by the sea, a fantastic Victorian Seaside resort. It was surprising to see people playing on the beach which considering the weather just before the start was amazing.


So all that remained was to get to our hotel for the evening and have another meal followed by the raffle and a great get together in one of the very opulent lounges.


All that remains to say thank you to one or two people. Firstly to everyone who came and made the event very enjoyable. To Karl and Tracy for the organisation, To Mick and Dawn for their donations of the Big Raffle Prizes and to everyone who brought something for the general raffle.

The most popular prize of the evening was the socket set who was won by Mark Gordon, apparently Carol said he had been practicing using it by trying to dismantle the radiator in the bedroom.

A special mention must go to Mo and Gill Perry who won the farthest distance travelled award.

To everyone who made me laugh and I can say that was most of the weekend a big thank you.

If you have any photographs that you want to add please feel free to send them through and I will put them up on the page. So heres to the next time, keep in touch if you have any Ideas for future events please let us know.

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Coast to Coast Tour Friday 8th – 9th September 2017

Copy of Copy of COAST to COAST 2017

Hi to all attending and those thinking of joining us.

Just an update , the route books are ready and John is sorting out the Rally plates which look brilliant.

We are having a raffle on the Saturday at Gisborough Hall so if you could bring a prize for the raffle it would be appreciated.

We will be charging £15.00 per car to cover the cost of the Rally Plates, Car Stickers and Route Books.

This will be a great weekend and if anyone needs any further information please message me.



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Reset Service indicator

Rest Button

You know how frustrating it can be once you have done a service and the Service indicator beep at you because it needs resetting, here is the answer to your prayers.

Thanks to Karl Edmondson who passed on this information after he found this simple reset feature.

Follow this simple procedure.

  1. Turn your ignition key to on/run
  2. within one second press the left mileage trip button twice
  3. A status for days or distance is displayed. Within 10 seconds turn the ignition key to Off / Lock.
  4. Press and hold the button while turning the Key to on / run again. The present status for distance / days is displayed once more, continue to hold the button in.
  5. After approximately 5 – 10 seconds a signal sounds and the display shows 10000 miles hold for a further 10seconds then release the button.
  6. The trip will now remind you of the next service in 10000 miles
  7. It may take more than one go at resetting it.

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Bonnet Release Problem


You have no idea the sinking feeling you get a day before a road trip when you pull the bonnet release lever in the cabin and nothing happens!

So you then look at how you can get to the latch and trust me that makes your heart sink even further. You can’t get to it from underneath and even if you cut a hole in the grill that wouldn’t help you either.

So I spent an afternoon looking at the Forums on the internet and lo and behold on the CICCI Forum a member called Toolman came to the rescue. With photographs and an easy guide on how to get it open without the use of an angle grinder.

So here goes,

All you need is a 10mm racket spanner, a spare pair of hands and a lot of patience.

By going in through the top grill slot and with a little bit of manoeuvring you can get the spanner on the nut and start the long process of undoing it. It helps if someone can pull the bonnet up whilst you are doing it it stops the nut from moving backwards.

One hour later and two very sore knee’s later we got the bonnet open.

At this point you do need to be careful because of the wiring and switch assembly which is underneath the bulkhead. We repositioned the latch spring reassembled it and it was as good as new.

It never ceases to amaze me that someone in the Crossfire community can solve most of the problems that would leave even the greatest mechanics scratching heads.

Once again a huge thank you to the guys at

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27th Aug 2017 – Ripon Autumn Classic Car and Bike Show

Ripon 01To get tickets to this event go to the website , Mark Woodward Classic events and go to the Ripon event. Book a ticket under Club Exhibitor and the club name British Crossfires.

Entry will cost £4 which gets you and a passenger in. This is a fantastic event and there are loads of auto jumble stalls.

If the grey german helmet is still on sale I’m buying it!. Meeting point is the Morrisons car park which is a short drive away or you can just go direct and there will be a designated area for British Crossfires.

The Post Code for Morrisons is HG4 2SB , the racecourse is HG4 1UG.

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1st – 2nd July 2017 American Car Show at Tatton Park


The American Car Show at Tatton Park is one of the biggest in Europe and our Crossfires are more than welcome by the organisers. To get your FREE tickets go to the site , Cheshire Auto Promotions and download a form.

Ignore things like it needs to be left hand drive etc. Just fill out the form , the Club will be British Crossfires and tick saturday and Sunday. If you only stay one day it matters not but tick both days.

Follow the instrutions on the form SAE etc.

Please let us know if you are attending.

Sat Nav Information

Tatton Park, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA166QN Knutsford