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Reset Service indicator

Rest Button

You know how frustrating it can be once you have done a service and the Service indicator beep at you because it needs resetting, here is the answer to your prayers.

Thanks to Karl Edmondson who passed on this information after he found this simple reset feature.

Follow this simple procedure.

  1. Turn your ignition key to on/run
  2. within one second press the left mileage trip button twice
  3. A status for days or distance is displayed. Within 10 seconds turn the ignition key to Off / Lock.
  4. Press and hold the button while turning the Key to on / run again. The present status for distance / days is displayed once more, continue to hold the button in.
  5. After approximately 5 – 10 seconds a signal sounds and the display shows 10000 miles hold for a further 10seconds then release the button.
  6. The trip will now remind you of the next service in 10000 miles
  7. It may take more than one go at resetting it.

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Bonnet Release Problem


You have no idea the sinking feeling you get a day before a road trip when you pull the bonnet release lever in the cabin and nothing happens!

So you then look at how you can get to the latch and trust me that makes your heart sink even further. You can’t get to it from underneath and even if you cut a hole in the grill that wouldn’t help you either.

So I spent an afternoon looking at the Forums on the internet and lo and behold on the CICCI Forum a member called Toolman came to the rescue. With photographs and an easy guide on how to get it open without the use of an angle grinder.

So here goes,

All you need is a 10mm racket spanner, a spare pair of hands and a lot of patience.

By going in through the top grill slot and with a little bit of manoeuvring you can get the spanner on the nut and start the long process of undoing it. It helps if someone can pull the bonnet up whilst you are doing it it stops the nut from moving backwards.

One hour later and two very sore knee’s later we got the bonnet open.

At this point you do need to be careful because of the wiring and switch assembly which is underneath the bulkhead. We repositioned the latch spring reassembled it and it was as good as new.

It never ceases to amaze me that someone in the Crossfire community can solve most of the problems that would leave even the greatest mechanics scratching heads.

Once again a huge thank you to the guys at

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Paint Codes for Chrysler Crossfires


Any owners who have had bodywork done such as rear wheel arches or the tailgate rusting issues know only to well how hard it is to get the bodyshop to match the colours particularly with the metallic finishes.

So here are the codes for all the model years.

A big thank you to John Oliver and Mo Perry’s UK Crossfire Owners Facebook Group for allowing us to use this information.


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The Dreaded Warning Light Blues.


If you are like me you are the type of person who like things in life to be simple, because simple doesn’t give you headaches or sleepless nights. I often hear stories from fellow Crossfire owners about all sorts of issues, error codes etc which when I read them I start to panic a little because I equate warning lights with expensive garage repairs.

So to my surprise yesterday evening a warning light I had never seen before came on and scared the life out of me.

Now I did read the owners manual once when I got the car a couple of years ago and all that I had remembered is that if its red stop, if its amber go home and get it checked.

Fortunately it was amber so at least I could get home. Now on the way home my mind was racing, what could it be, it must be serious because it looks serious as symbol. So I did just that, got home in the dark got my handbook out and looked up the chart for understanding your instrument panel.

My relief was immeasurable it was telling me that It I had a bulb out, so that is easy to sort out I thought. So with the help of my Grand Daughter I managed to diagnose that it was the offside brake light. That’s easy to fix I thought I will replace it with one out of my universal Bulb Kit I bought for when we go touring the continent.

I have discovered though that nothing straight forward in this life. Standard bulbs do not fit the Crossfire because of a peculiar pin arrangement on the bulb and socket. So after a visit to our local Halfords I bought a pair and replaced them.

So I thought I would share my findings with the rest of you who travel on the continent. Please make sure you have the correct replacement bulbs because the on the spot fines particularly in France can be pretty horrific.

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Zunsport Discounts for Members of British Crossfires

Zunsport.pngChristmas has come early Chaps Zunsport have been good enough to give us a 15% discount code for when we buy products from their online shop.

The Chrome and Black Grills are a firm favourite with Crossfire Owners who want a more contemporary look to the front end.

Not only do Zunsport manufacture Grills they also make a great Boot blind to keep prying eyes off your valuables.

To look at the products go to and if you buy use the code ZU041510. Happy shopping.

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Zunsport Market Rear Luggage Cover


Zunsport are to market the after sales luggage cover developed by Karl Edmundson during the past twelve months. As most of you are aware the original covers are very rare and when they do become available the fixings are often missing. These covers are specifically for the Crossfire and SRT6 coupe so they fit perfectly.

Here is the link to the Luggage cover on Zunsports webpage.