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Bonnet Release Problem

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You have no idea the sinking feeling you get a day before a road trip when you pull the bonnet release lever in the cabin and nothing happens!

So you then look at how you can get to the latch and trust me that makes your heart sink even further. You can’t get to it from underneath and even if you cut a hole in the grill that wouldn’t help you either.

So I spent an afternoon looking at the Forums on the internet and lo and behold on the CICCI Forum a member called Toolman came to the rescue. With photographs and an easy guide on how to get it open without the use of an angle grinder.

So here goes,

All you need is a 10mm racket spanner, a spare pair of hands and a lot of patience.

By going in through the top grill slot and with a little bit of manoeuvring you can get the spanner on the nut and start the long process of undoing it. It helps if someone can pull the bonnet up whilst you are doing it it stops the nut from moving backwards.

One hour later and two very sore knee’s later we got the bonnet open.

At this point you do need to be careful because of the wiring and switch assembly which is underneath the bulkhead. We repositioned the latch spring reassembled it and it was as good as new.

It never ceases to amaze me that someone in the Crossfire community can solve most of the problems that would leave even the greatest mechanics scratching heads.

Once again a huge thank you to the guys at


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