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6th August 2016 Coast to Coast Tour

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Daniel’s Neuroblastoma Journey


Daniel Rainbow age 3, was diagnosed with stage 4 high risk Neuroblastoma on the 8th February 2015. After several tests and scans, it was confirmed that the Cancer had spread to his bone marrow, liver, chest and hip, pelvis and knee bones.

Neuroblastoma has an 80% chance of returning and once it does there is very little treatment available in the UK. His doctors are also positive but realistic, Daniel has a 50/50 chance of survival during treatment and there is an 80% chance of a relapse and the cancer returning.

If his treatment is successful, if he is cancer free, there is a trial called DFMO that can reduce the chance of relapse and possibly completely prevent it returning. This treatment is a trial and costs £150,000 and is only available in America.

However, if Daniel does relapse he will have to go to the USA as there is no relapse treatment in the UK. The cost of this treatment, which again is only available in America, is £555,000. He still has a long journey ahead of him until his treatment is finished November 2016 but at the moment everything is positive. We are raising money to help Daniel and his family on their journey to beating Neuroblastoma.



Author: John Douglas Eccles

I am a sixty odd year old bloke who still thinks that the world is a bit like being an actor on Midsomer Murders. Realising its nearly at the end of the programme and he hasn’t been murdered yet and may be in the next episode. A semi retired Freelance Event, Film and Radio Producer

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